Commercial Solar

Commercial solar makes good business sense

There are just so many reasons why it makes good business sense to invest in commercial solar power.

  • Dramatic reduction in energy costs 
  • Reduce your overheads both now and into the future
  • Rapid and generous return on investment
  • Access to free and clean energy from the sun
  • Reduction of your business’s carbon footprint
  • Future-proofing your business against rising electricity costs
  • Ensuring your business is battery ready
  • Adding dollars to your bottom line
  • Taking advantage of multiple government Incentives

In fact, commercial solar power is even more efficient than domestic solar power because businesses consume the majority of their power between the hours of 9-5, which is when the sun’s rays are at their strongest.

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There’s never been a better time to invest in commercial solar


If you’re a business owner with an annual turnover of less than $500 million did you know that you can take advantage of several incentives from the Australian Government?

The Backing Business Investment rewards you for investing in commercial solar before June 30 2021, letting you deduct 50% of your investment from your tax return and apply normal depreciation to the other 50%.

And depending on the size of the commercial solar power system you invest in you may also be entitled to claim either Small Scale Technology Certificates (SCTs) or Large Scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) that can then be sold to recoup a portion of your cost of purchasing and installing the commercial solar system, effectively lowering the cost of your solar power even further.

Commercial solar for landlords and for business owners who lease

Regardless of whether you’re a landlord or a business owner there are many advantages to installing commercial solar.

If you’re a landlord who decides to invest in commercial solar you will not only make your premises more attractive to tenants who will want to stay longer... but you can often charge more in rent. This increase in rental income will help pay for your investment in solar which has a payback period of an average of 3-5 years, after which you’ll enjoy an increase in profit. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of depreciation as well as other incentives from the Australian Government.

Even if you’re a business owner who leases their premises, paying for solar on a commercial lease makes sense, especially if your lease is 5 years or even more. Power is often one the the largest business expenses and with an investment in commercial solar you’ll experience immediate savings on your energy consumption and enjoy tax rebates, as well as the benefits of depreciation as the other incentives from the Australian Government.


Why trust Progress Electrical with your commercial solar?

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At Progress Electrical we have many years experience and knowledge in delivering high efficiency solar systems for all types of commercial applications, including retail premises, offices and factories.

Here’s some of the reasons why you can trust Progress Electrical to deliver a high quality, reliable and future-proofed commercial solar system that will continue to deliver a return on investment for decades.

No subcontractors - no call centres - no pressure

Our highly skilled and experienced team of tradesmen do all of our work ourselves, ensuring we maintain our reputation for our exceptionally high standard of service.

We don’t use salesmen, call centres or subcontractors because we’re not in the business of pressuring clients. We also want to be able to guarantee all of our jobs and ensure information doesn’t get lost between the sales team and the installation team.

At Progress Electrical we come to your premises to conduct a feasibility study at no obligation and no charge. Our expert team will take a number of factors into consideration before quoting on the best commercial solar system for your business.

At Progress Electrical we come to your premises to conduct a feasibility study at no obligation and no charge. Our expert team will take a number of factors into consideration before quoting on the best commercial solar system for your business.

Exceptional return on investment

Achieving return on your investment in commercial solar is not about buying the cheapest solar system - it's about getting the right one for your business or premises. Every single one of our commercial jobs have already paid for themselves.

We’re not interested in a race to the bottom of a price war to deliver an inferior product that sacrifices quality standards or worker safety. If the price looks too good to be true - it probably is.

Instead we use our industry knowledge to deliver future-proofed, vendor agnostic and battery- ready solar systems that will continue to deliver an exceptional return on investment. Our systems mightn’t be the cheapest you’ll be quoted - but we guarantee they will save you more money in the long term and deliver a better return on investment.

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Local business - industry knowledge - exceptional capability


With over 30 years combined experience in the electrical industry, the team at Progress Electrical have the knowledge and know how to deliver the best solution for your situation and budget for all residential and commercial premises.

We pride ourselves on having the capability and expertise to deliver large commercial jobs, with the personal touch and attention to detail of a local business. 

Progress Electrical is a local Aussie business with offices in Newcastle and we quote, deliver and install commercial systems of all sizes in the wider Sydney region, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie and the Port Stephens areas.

Genuine commercial solar finance

Interest free financing is often not interest free due to its front end loading. Always make sure the cash price of a commercial is the same as “interest free” price.

Progress Electrical has partnered with award-winning Community First credit union to offer green loans with zero percent deposit and the best interest rate in the business.

Wondering if solar power is a worthwhile investment for your business?

Commercial solar panels are ideal for helping you drive down your energy costs and adding dollars to your bottom line.

Let our industry experience help guide you to the best solution for your situation and budget.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and discover what a difference a commercial solar system could make to your business.