Getting ready for solar panels?

Here’s everything you need to know. Before you call.

You’re finally ready to do it. You want to install solar panels and have your home or business fuelled by the sun’s glorious rays.

First of all, congrats! You’ve made a smart decision for your family or business (or both) that’ll have you reaping the benefits for decades to come.

Maybe your most recent eye wateringly expensive electricity bill gave you that final push. Or perhaps you’ve just decided the environment can no longer wait for you ‘to think about it’.

However, you’ve come to this decision, you’re here. You want to install solar panels. And to help you make the most informed decision, the team at Progress Electrical have put together a list of things to think about before you contact us.

Can your roof support solar panels?

There are two main things to consider. Roof condition and sunlight.

It goes without saying your roof should be structurally sound and in good overall condition. Is your roof due for a freshen up or renovation? If so, it makes good financial sense to have this done before you install solar panels.

If your roof is covered in shade for most of the day, most days of the year, solar may not be your best option. But before you decide, we can send one of our qualified technicians out with a drone to check it out. You might be surprised.

Understand the rebates

Don’t rely on hearsay or shouty ads in CAPS on social media. Do your homework and search for the rebates that apply to your property in your tax or territory.

Still not sure?

We’re happy to sit down with you and discuss exactly what rebates you’re eligible to claim and the best way to do it.

Find a reputable company

Sadly, not every solar energy installer out there has your best interests at heart.
And those quotes you see all over the internet and social media? While technically accurate, they’re likely entry level prices based on older technology. That horrible, sinking feeling when presented with the actual quote? Yeah, that’s not much fun at all.


Even if this day and age, nothing beats recommendations from family, friends or personal reviews from happy, satisfied customers. Does the company you’re looking at have lots of happy, satisfied customers? Then that’s who you should be trusting with your hard earned cash.

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