To battery or not to battery? That is the question

A battery stores unused solar power generated during the day. This can then be used during the evening or on low sunlight days. Batteries are increasingly popular as people become more environmentally aware and want to live ‘off the grid’ as much as possible.

The technology of Inverters

Why all inverters are not created equal. If you’ve read our blog How does solar energy actually work, you know you’ll need an inverter as part of your solar installation. Not quite sure what that is or why you need it? You’ve come to the right place.

Getting ready for solar panels?

Here’s everything you need to know. You want to install solar panels and have your home or business fuelled by the sun’s glorious rays. First of all, congrats! You’ve made a smart decision for your family or business (or both) that’ll have you reaping the benefits for decades to come. Maybe your most recent eye wateringly expensive electricity bill gave you that final push.

A quick history of solar energy

Using the sun to power our lives is nothing new. Have you ever wondered how humans went from looking at the sun and seeing its power in nature, to actually utilising and controlling it’s rays to fuel our modern society?

How do solar panels actually work?

Solar energy is the heat and light generated by the Sun. The Sun is the original nuclear reactor. In our solar system anyway. It releases energy particles called photons which travel the 150 million kilometres to Earth in about 8 ½ minutes. Did you know, every hour, enough photons arrive on Earth that could theoretically generate enough energy for the entire planet for one year?

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